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General protection template to inform users a page is protected. (Note: This does not protect pages. Only admins can do that.)

Syntax: {{protected|give reason here}}.

  • If no reason is given the default is "to prevent vandalism".
  • The second line doesn't show up on talk pages or user pages (unless the note parameter is used).


The message box does not appear on semi-protected pages or upload-only protected files. An icon still appears in the top-right corner.
{{protected}} →
Datei:Padlock.svg {{Vorlage:TSwitch|text1}} {{Vorlage:TSwitch|default-reason}}
{{protected|I said so}} →
Datei:Padlock.svg {{Vorlage:TSwitch|text1}} {{Vorlage:TSwitch|reason|reason=I said so}}
{{protected|note=And you can change this too.}} →
Datei:Padlock.svg {{Vorlage:TSwitch|text1}} {{Vorlage:TSwitch|default-reason}}
And you can change this too.


See also

  • {{Mprotected}} - for images included on the Main Page, which are protected because of the cascading protection (but are not protected directly).
  • {{permprot}} - for high-risk templates that are indefinitely protected (use on talk page).
  • {{MWheader}} - for MediaWiki pages (use on talk page).


Only the text is switched out based on the user's interface, not the whole template (like with {{autotranslate}}) to avoid unnecessary complexity. Please translate the following and add it to a subpage of Template:Protected/text, e.g. Template:Protected/text/en.

|text1=This {{namespace}} has been protected
|default-reason=from editing to prevent vandalism.
|reason=because {{{reason}}}.
|text2=Please discuss changes on the [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|talk page]] or [[COM:AN/P|request unprotection]].
|img-text1=This page is protected against editing.
|img-text2=This page is semi-protected against editing.
|img-text3=This page is protected against reuploading.
|img-text4=This page is semi-protected against reuploading.
|error-text=Error: This page is not currently protected. Please remove the protection template.
{{translated tag|localisation}}

There is no /lang page or /layout page to deal with. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress and new text fields may be added in the future.

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