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Use the form below to upload files, to view or search previously uploaded images go to the list of uploaded files, uploads and deletions are also logged in the upload log. {| border = 3 cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" | It it essential to follow this: Please add a License Tag to every uploaded image or media file declaring the correct license. Otherwise your image or other media file might be deleted to avoid legal problems. A assortment of prepared licence templates you can find here. You can include one of them using {{NameOfCorrectLicenceTemplate}} (you have to place the name of the correct licence template between the curly brackets, of course) |} To include the image in a page, use a link in the form [[Datei:file.jpg]], [[Datei:file.png|alt text]] or [[Media:file.ogg]] for directly linking to the file.

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